About Us


We make fresh artisanal gourmet achar (pickle/condiment) in small-batches with Nani’s love. All of our achars are made with the finest ingredients and aromatic spices, smudged pages of traditional family recipes, and lots of love in each jar.

If you love hot sauce, or kimchi and have not tried our achars, you’re definitely missing out! If you can’t handle the heat and prefer something on the milder side, we also have something for you! Hint: Carrot/Mixed Veggies Pickle or our Dried Fruit Pickle.

There are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added. All of our products are vegan, gluten-free and 100% naturally fermented. 

Where does the name come from?

In many South-Asian languages, ‘Nani’ means grandmother. My grand-mother, Hasina, played an influential role in our upbringing. We remember Nani always shopped at several grocery stores to make sure she had the best ingredients available for her recipes. She would spend hours in the kitchen preparing her achars and never taking any short-cuts.

Nani had a strong passion and love for food, which was passed down to my mother, Farida, who is also called Nani by my children. It is that same passion and love from both Nanis that we put in each and every jar of achar. We shop for premium ingredients, never compromising on quality, to ensure our customers have the best preservative-free gourmet achars available on the market. 

Our Story

Nani's Achar, is a mother/daughter owned Canadian small-business founded by Farida and Madiha in the city of Pickering, Ontario in July 2021.

Farida had been making achars, using traditional recipes that were passed down to her by her mom, Hasina. When Madiha realized that achars sold in grocery stores are imported from overseas, and filled with preservatives, she decided that if no one else was making naturally fermented, preservative-free achars – maybe they could! After many months of researching, lab reports, testing out recipes in their kitchen, and a whole LOT of dirty dishes, Nani’s Achar was born in July 2021.


We believe that fresh fruits and vegetables are the foundations to a healthy lifestyle. At Nani’s Achar, we start with farm fresh produce, then dial it up a notch with the process of fermentation, which optimizes nutrients and is a good source of probiotics which is great for your gut health. 

Whenever possible, we use locally sourced ingredients (we wish mangoes grow in Ontario!) to support local farmers and the communities we serve. Each ingredient meets our high standards of integrity and flavour. We physically handle and inspect each fruit and vegetable, then wash and prep like you do at home – by shredding carrots and cabbage, hand peeling mangoes and ginger, freshly squeezing lemon juice, and hand stemming peppers. 

What Sets Us Apart?

We uphold the achar making tradition using a handcrafted process throughout -- from selecting the finest ingredients to hand cutting, and mixing into small- batches and hand packed in glass jars. Our traditional handcrafted process from start to finish allows for an optimal fermentation and uniquely balanced flavours.

  • We do not irradiate our achars/pickles, which means there is a better retention of vitamins and enzymes.


  • We do not pasteurize our achars/pickles because this process destroys valuable nutrients and probiotic bacteria.


  • We use glass bottle packaging manufactured in North America which is 100% reusable and recyclable, because it's better for your health, and our planet!